Review of the Trilogy — Across the World on the Wings of the Wind; Savior, The Brothers Path and The Price

Thank you Robin! I also heartily recommend her blog, Living on the Circumference, which is always interesting, thoughtful and unique. First, in case, you only read this paragraph, I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy. Born out of Martha Kennedy’s interest in her family’s geneology, this a historical fiction, set in Switzerland and spanning three periods inContinue reading “Review of the Trilogy — Across the World on the Wings of the Wind; Savior, The Brothers Path and The Price”

Wonderful Review of The Brothers Path by Tracy Rail

…”Ms Kennedy proves a fine storyteller and I was engaged right from the start and carried along by the drama.  It is claimed by historians that the Protestant Reformation shaped modern day Europe, helping to draw the boundaries of each nation state, as powerful forces coalesced around their preferred new religious leader, and thus theirContinue reading “Wonderful Review of The Brothers Path by Tracy Rail”

Now an Award-Winning Book!!!!

What started here on WordPress as a blog, is now an award-winning memoir. One reader said, “I started reading your book today. Martha—I love it…If ever there was a love story—this is it.” It is a love story. Another reader says, “Ms. Kennedy’s narratives are rich with sensory descriptions and heart-warming adventures. Anyone who loves hiking andContinue reading “Now an Award-Winning Book!!!!”

Good News for Martin of Gfenn!

CHAUCER BOOK AWARDS 2017 Short Listers for Historical Fiction pre-1750s This is the Official Semi-Finalists List of the Authors and Titles of Works that have been SHORT-LISTED for the Chaucer 2017 Book Awards. These titles will now compete for the First In Category positions. The Chaucer Awards FIRST IN CATEGORY sub-genres  are:  Pre-Historical Fiction, Ancient HistoricalContinue reading “Good News for Martin of Gfenn!”