The Brothers Path Is Awarded a Brag Medallion!

The Brothers Path

One of the biggest pitfalls to Indie publishing — self-publishing — is that 900 million people are doing it. Half (all?) the people in the world believe they “have a book in them.” This is great except a lot of the books they have in them aren’t proofread or edited or, well, or a lot of other things.

This has created a reasonable stigma where self-published books are concerned, and that stigma is very difficult to shake.

Out of this situation IndieBRAG arose, and its mission is to promote — after rigorous reviews and critiques — indie published works that are “worth the reader’s time and money.”


Today I got the fabulous news that The Brothers Path has been awarded a BRAG Medallion! This means all three of my novels, Martin of Gfenn, Savior and The Brothers Path can wear the BRAG Medallion “seal of approval.” I’m very…

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